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Welcome to Charmsart where I share my love for all things creative!

I am my happiest when I am in front of my easel or have a chunk of fresh clay between my hands.

The process of experimenting and combining different techniques to see what evolves on the canvas or on the banding wheel is what excites me. For me, the surface of the painting or object is as important as the piece that evolves.

2022-05-06 08.14.33.jpg

My hope is to inspire and transport you to a beautiful, happy place! 

2022-05-06 08.16.53
2022-05-06 08.17.57
2022-05-06 08.20.20
2022-05-06 08.28.01
Close up

"I believe in the importance of creating a tactile dimension to my work that is rich in imagination with an innate energy and beauty." 

Charmaine creates beautiful custom art,  acrylic paintings and a range of ceramic products that are perfect for your home or office. 

Follow My Journey...... 

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